Poinsettia Day

Today is National Poinsettia Day – maybe to remind everyone to buy one for Christmas.  This year the poinsettia I bought last year has red leaves – again – the first time a Christmas plant has not only survived through the year, but actually still looks alive.  I am amazed.

If you are wondering how to replicate this phenomenon – it had nothing to do with following expected guidelines or covering the plant with a brown bag.  I just watered and ignored it.

My little plant does not have the glory of the poinsettia tower in the Mall, but it looks good and thin – and survived – something to aspire to this holiday season.


For the story of the poinsettia, try Tomie de Paola’s The Legend of the Poinsettia

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4 Responses to Poinsettia Day

  1. Leeswammes says:

    Yay, Poinsettia day. I don’t think we have that over here in the Netherlands, but we certainly have Poinsettia’s for the Christmas period. That reminds me, I should buy one. Here in the Netherlands we call them… poinsettia’s. :-)

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