Steinbeck and Chocolate Covered Sausages

English: A Baby Ruth candy bar split in half. ...

Since one of my book clubs is meeting to dissect Steinbeck’s Sweet Thursday, I wondered what an appropriate sweet snack might be to motivate the discussion.

Ideas from the pages:

  • The Seer gets arrested when he escalates from stealing one Baby Ruth or Mounds candy bar to three from the Safeway;
  • Elegant Joe bakes a cake with marshmallow topping;
  • Doc sprinkles chocolate over sausages.

Took the easy way – Baby Ruths and Mounds but decided to play it safe and buy them.

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5 Responses to Steinbeck and Chocolate Covered Sausages

  1. Kate says:

    I just got this book out of the library. They only had it in large print, which surprised me. Is it not one of his more popular books?

  2. John Steinbeck and chocolate. It’s the best of everything!

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