Posted by: Rosemary Wolfe, NoChargeBookbunch | July 29, 2010

Spock is a Photographer

Guess it’s never too late to change? The New York Times today reports that 79-year-old Spock has become an artist…

Probably no one would know or care what Leonard Nimoy was doing these days – except that he is Spock of the pointy ears and Vulcan grip.

Forbes magazine reports that career changes are common among celebrities…if you count Sarah Palin going from uninformed candidate to uninformed newscaster a change…

Nimoy asked his victims to show their true selves as he captured them, using the premise

“…from the passage in Plato’s “Symposium” speculating that humans were originally double-sided creatures, split apart by jealous gods and doomed forever to seek their lost other halves.”

So who are you? Time for a change to your true – other – self?