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From Blog to Book Success

First, it was Julie Powell blogging on What Could Happen. Eventually, her ramblings about her attempt to cook like the real Julia turned into a book, then a movie, and finally into a disastrous life that some probably still follow on her blog.

Now Maira Kalman has turned her postings – And the Pursuit of Happiness into a book (movie later?)

The twelve installments from her blog have been compiled into a book – but you can still go to her site and read them there…

Kalman’s Blog

Look for the “older entries” link in the lower left to find more.   Historical and simplistic – reminds me of Jean Fritz, author of What’s the Big Idea, Ben

Franklin? and other catchy titles of historical fiction for children.  But Fritz had more words; whereas, Kalman has more panache.

Check it out for yourself on the site to see what’s getting all the attention these days.  It’s fun and different.

Kalman has written children’s books, illustrated covers for The New Yorker, and has some of her creations for sale at the MOMA.  I’ve bought a few – that umbrella that looks like the sky when open and that paperweight that looks like a crumpled piece of sheet music.

And this is not her first blog to book …


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