Delirious – A Thriller by Daniel Palmer

If you like thrillers that are nonstop adrenalin, I dare you to try to put down Daniel Palmer’s Delirious.  Just when I thought I knew whodunit, Palmer twisted the plot – again and again.

Charlie Giles is the young computer geek, who made it big with his start-up electronics company.  Just as he is about to reap the rewards of a partnership with a powerful Boston firm, his life falls apart.  His behavior, normally focused and targeted to improving his computer team’s efficiency and creativity, suddenly becomes erratic – morphing into criminally insane.  With a family history of mental problems, Charlie is not sure if he is descending into the same destructive behavior as his brother, Joe, and his father.

Is he insane or is he the victim of a cruel controlling hoax?  Has he murdered his colleagues, or is he imagining that he did?  Palmer keeps you guessing until the very end when all is revealed in a surprising final confrontation.

What a ride!  A little romance, some computer geek talk that’s not necessary to understand, wild car chases, and a tale with all the paranoia that goes with computers watching everything – everywhere.

Big Brother is all-powerful in this mystery.  I can’t wait for Palmer to write his next one.