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Oprah Book List

The end of the world didn’t come a few days ago, but to some it may be here today – what will the world be like without a daily dose of Oprah?  I admit to looking for Oprah’s favorite picks – knowing that a team of publicists and fashionistas were probably picking for her; some were useful (best running shoes, sheets, bras); other were probably hurt more by her endorsement (weight-loss programs), but I resisted watching her TV show.

As for her “book club,” after reading the first few in her series – The Deep End of the Ocean and She’s Come Undone – I noticed a pattern, and actually avoided books with the Oprah imprimatur.  When Jonathan Franzen refused her endorsement for Corrections, I cheered; when James Frey confessed over A Million Little Pieces, I laughed.
Nevertheless, when  I found a complete list of books on the Oprah Book List, I had read some, not knowing.

Regardless of anyone’s opinion, or maybe because of every woman’s opinion, Oprah became a successful franchise, and her influence was hard to avoid.

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2 thoughts on “Oprah Book List

  1. I read a few of the earlier books and started noticing the depressing similarities and stopped reading them altogether. But when I looked at her list, I too saw many books I had read and liked on there! She did at least make reading fashionable again.

    • I had that same feeling. After a while, she seemed to wander into the classics, and I started to see paperbacks in Target that I had not seen since college (Tale of Two Cities).

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