Posted by: Rosemary Wolfe, NoChargeBookbunch | August 1, 2011


Did the carjacker know about the little girl in the backseat?  After the tense hours of searching turn into days, Mo Hadley’s Gone has you hooked on a chase for the monster – who was really after the girl, not the car.  But nothing is as it seems, and Hadley throws in clever distractions to keep you from seeing him – right there the whole time.

Each time, detective Jack Caffery gets a break in the investigation, another clue takes him in another direction.  The Walking Man, a released convict, who avenged the death of his abducted child, wanders in and out of the story, offering advice.  Caffery’s relationship with the underwater investigation team leader, Sergeant (Phoebe) Flea Marley, underscores the action.  Even as they work together, they are pulled apart by Flea’s cover-up of her brother’s hit-and-run, another vein pulsing through the action.

The kidnapper flaunts his cleverness – sending mocking letters, a baby tooth, pictures from inside the victim’s home, and always seems to be one step ahead of the investigation team.   And then he does it again – hijacks a car and takes another little girl.

Hadley’s attention to detail is riveting, and the end is not easily guessed – a fun mystery thriller that will have you reading into the night.  If you need your mystery thrillers to have a British flavor and a happy ending, you will find this one very satisfying.

If you want more, Mo Hayder has two more in the series of mystery thrillers with Jack Caffery, Flea, and the Walking Man: Ritual and Skin.


  1. I haven’t heard of this author but I like the sound of the premise – thanks for sharing.

    • Thanks for your note. Hope you enjoy the British mysteries.