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The Explorer’s Code

With a fast-paced mix of oceanography, archeology, and virology, Kitty Pilgrim’s The Explorer’s Code offers an adventure with action that mixes DaVinci Code with Indiana Jones.   Add a handsome rich hero and a beautiful intelligent scientist, the panoramic views of Monaco, an ocean cruise along the Riviera, a search for treasure, and expect to fall into a formula that will meet all expectations.

Cordelia Stapleton interrupts her research to travel to Monaco to receive an award in the name of her great-great grandfather, a polar explorer.  Along the way, she becomes an heiress and then meets handsome and rich John Sinclair, who dabbles in philanthropy and digging up treasures in Ephesus.  A group of sinister Russians and Texas evangelists are stalking Cordelia, hoping to find a valuable Arctic land deed she has inherited.  The CIA is following them all, along with a potentially lethal virus lurking near the deed.  The cryptic clue to finding the deed is in her grandfather’s old journal, and they all follow her to Paris, London, and finally Longyearbyen, Norway, about 800 miles from the North Pole.

The exciting finale focuses on the planting of a devastating explosion at the Global Seed Vault,

Entrance to the Global Seed Vault

the facility that preserves a wide variety of plant seeds in an underground cavern to provide insurance against the loss of seeds from a global crisis.   The site actually exists and is partially funded – in real life – by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

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