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Andy Rooney’s Last Commentary for Sixty Minutes

Andy Rooney always had something to say, and he finally had his last say on Sixty Minutes.  Known for his curmudgeonly manner and bushy eyebrows, Rooney could tailor a topic in a short segment, giving a sharp focus to something that may have seemed inconsequential – tools, ice cream, mixed nuts, sleeping – before he wrote about it.

In his parting segment Rooney assured his audience that he did care what they thought, but if you didn’t agree, he didn’t want to know – he did not answer fan mail. His perspective could be surprising but more often his wry humor expressed what we already knew…

“I probably haven’t said anything here that you didn’t already know or have already thought,” he said. “That’s what a writer does. A writer’s job is to tell the truth.

Andy Rooney says he’s not retiring… “a writer never stops being a writer…” but those last few minutes on Sixty Minutes will never be as good.

Rooney has written quite a few books  – some full of his wisecracks, others more personal.

The latest published in 2010 includes his some of his “greatest hits” from Sixty Minutes.  Maybe I’ll read one every Sunday at the end of the broadcast.


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