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Then Came You

Jennifer Weiner puts a new spin on the phrase “It takes a village…” in Then Came You.

Baby Rory has a tribe of mothers:

  • Jules, the egg-donor, a young Princeton beauty who needs the money for her father’s rehab;
  • Annie, the surrogate who needs money for her small family;
  • India, the forty-something mother, hiding a shady past, who is married to the older wealthy father;
  • Bettina, the rich step-sister, who has never recovered from her father remarrying a younger woman.

Each has a separate story that eventually connects when the baby is born, the father dies, the mother leaves town, and the twenty-something step-sister finds herself with custody and needing help.

Then Came You is about women working it out with and for each other in a sympathetic chick-lit drama.  Weiner weaves their stories together, and addresses the emotional issues of each woman through their backstories.  Lots of melodrama and angst – some humor – and an ending that looks like the prime time TV show “Modern Family.”

If you are a Weiner fan, you won’t be disappointed.


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