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Stone Mattress

Margaret Atwood’s short story for The New Yorker – “Stone Mattress” – decidedly changed my mind about exploring on my own.  Who knows who could be lurking among those seemingly innocent elder travelers?

Atwood’s character, Verna, is a clever murderer – but she has a good excuse.  Her path to destruction started in high school, fueled by a horrific incident that changed her life.  When Verna discovers Bob, the smirking cretin who caused her misery, as a fellow passenger on board a cruise to the Arctic, the opportunity for revenge is too easy to pass up.

Having just enjoyed cookies and wine on a cruise through Christmas-land, I considered taking another cruise – maybe on my own.  Atwood has disabused me of that option – at least to the Arctic.

Her short story is compact – with a zinger ending – just like her many of her books.

Read Margaret Atwood’s “Stone Mattress” – here

2 thoughts on “Stone Mattress

  1. I think you’re safe, unless you are also a smirking cretin? 😉

    A cruise to the arctic would be so great! I would just go if I were you. The story sounds interesting, I think.

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