Super Bowl Sunday

I’m a fan –

of the commercials!

But maybe you’ve already seen them.  Stuart Elliott writes in his article for the New York Times – Before the Toss, Super Bowl Ads – that many have already aired in the social media.  This year the element of surprise was quashed by YouTube and Facebook.

My favorite commercial is always the Cydesdales, but in Canada the commercial has no horses – watch it here.

6 thoughts on “Super Bowl Sunday

  1. For years I didn’t realize we weren’t seeing most of the big Superbowl commercials. Now we have sattelite tv and can watch the american channels so we see the Superbowl commercials. When it’s broadcast on a Canadian channel they put in a lot of Canadian commercials.
    Of course, the Superbowl isn’t as big here as the Stanley Cup, but it’s fun. And the halftime show is certainly more spectacular 🙂

  2. I love that: fan of the commercials!

    I don’t even know what sports the Superbowl is about – we’re into skating here in the Netherlands, speed skating. Don’t know if there’s a competition today….

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