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Do You Have Time to Get Lei’d?

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May 1st is Lei Day here in Hawaii.   Locals make leis, buy leis, give leis – and get lei’d.  Check out the photo gallery for this year at…  http://www.honolulu.gov/parks/programs/leiday/photogallery.htm

In Annapolis, my old hometown, May Day means fresh flower baskets on Main Street.

Photo credits: Baltimore Sun/Susan Reimer

Photo credits: Baltimore Sun/Susan Reimer

Recently, someone told me that reading is not just an escape; it’s a way of avoiding reality – time could be better spent than in reading.    Maybe so, or maybe reading is a type of meditation, a way to be mindless of your own issues and submerge into someone or something else.

Like meditation, the effect of reading a good book may be that you feel better, clearer, fresher – even more mindful.

crown flower lei

But this is Lei Day and May Day – so some time could be spent with the flowers…

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2 thoughts on “Do You Have Time to Get Lei’d?

  1. I figure it’s my time, so it can be spent how I choose. I have someone in my life who is quite scornful of my need to read. As long as my loved ones aren’t bothered by it, and I get the things done that need to be done, my time is my own. And I want it to be with a book, much of the time 🙂

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