Welcome to the No Charge Bookbunch!

images-1Someone once told me there was nothing out there to read – like saying nothing to wear with a closet full of clothes.  I originally titled the site the No Charge Bookbunch, and you can still find the site at http://nochargebookbunch.com but in 2020, I decided to streamline the title to The Book Bunch.  Still no charge here for ideas on what to read – hope you will try some on for size.

Most of my books are from my local library, but I cannot leave a bookstore without buying a book.  My day is not complete without my online New York Times (and sometimes the Washington Post), and my  New Yorker magazines usually pile up until I have a long flight.  When my shelf gets too heavy, I recycle my books to friends or to the library, but I’m always looking for a good book to read, so please offer suggestions for reading.

Just lurk, if you prefer, but every now and then, please send in a comment so I know you are out there.

Who Am I?

Rosemary Wolfe…an avid reader, published author, sometime editor, experimental cook, itinerant walker, travel enthusiast,

displaced East Coaster missing the city but reveling in the ocean views..

and, yes, I really do read all the books I review…



  1. I’ve just come across your webpage and added it to my blogroll so I can be a regular visitor; yours are great reviews, with just the right amount of detail to pique my interest! All the books I read come from the local library (or, here in Saskatchewan, we have an interlibrary-loan system that is second to none), for which I am extremely grateful because I have neither the space to keep more books, nor the cash to buy all those I read.

    I haven’t had a chance to deep-peruse your site yet, but will mention a novel that was the best-written book I’d ever read: Sarah Waters’s The Little Stranger. It kept me rapt from beginning to end, and then some. It was one of those books that you think about for days after you’ve finished reading it. Could I analyse the reasons I thought it was perfect? Not very well. Something to do with its pacing, perhaps, but also the characters were so beautifully drawn. I don’t know. I’m no reviewer. I just enjoy, or I don’t!

    All for now,

  2. We’re in Coronado this weekend and about to head to Bay Books, one of our favorite indies, so your timing is perfect. Will see if they have Tinti’s books. Haven’t read them, but have taken a couple of her online writing courses. Thanks for the post.

    • Have fun!

      • You know I will – but it will be pricey! 😉

      • Sadly, no Hannah Tinti so I had to settle for Joyce Carol Oates (Carthage), Jennifer Ryan (The Chilbury Ladies’ Choir which the saleswoman talked me into), and Mackinlay Kantor (Andersonville, which I have wanted to read for years). Now I have roughly 3,000 new pages to read.👍

  3. Hi Rosemary! I’m in a big slump! Looking for something entertaining, but not stupid, if you know what I mean. Nothing super heavy. If you have something along those lines that you really like, would you please post it as a comment on http://2manybooks2littletime.com? Thanks!!!

  4. Hi Rosemary,
    We have a table reserved for us at Literary Orange. It will have the name of our book club, “Literary Lite,” posted on the table. Looking forward to having you join us!

  5. Hi Rosemary,
    Have you registered for Literary Orange? As soon as all 10 members of our group are registered, I can reserve a table for us, so please let me know as soon as you can. Thanks!

  6. Couldn’t find a spot to comment on your Book Club selections for 2017. We read several of your selections last year – I’ll be interested to hear what you think of the ones you haven’t yet reviewed.

  7. Hello Rosemary,
    Would you be interested in reading a new book from a new author before it has gone to publication? Contact me at r.judy.lynn@gmail.com.

    • At this time I am not accepting books for review unless I have specifically requested them for myself. I have a huge TBR list and professional reading list, and can not take on any new items at this time. Thanks for understanding.

  8. Hi, do you take books for review? I just published one. Thanks!

  9. Thanks so much for visiting my site and commenting on my review! Looking forward to catching up on your site. 🙂

  10. I’ve just come across your blog and I can totally relate to not being able to leave a bookstore without buying something. I always go in telling myself I’m just browsing but then they’ll have a buy one, get one half price offer on and my will power vanishes! I have a few of my favourite books to recommend on my blog if you’re looking for suggestions!

  11. Hi Rosemary! I’m Emma Dubin, and I work for Sky Pony Press, an imprint of Skyhorse Publishing (New York City). I’m loving your reviews on children’s and young adult literature — they’re making me thinking of a new mid-grade fantasy novel we’ve recently published: THE SECRET ROOM, by Antonia Michaelis. Please shoot me an email if you’re interested in reading it, and I’ll be more than happy to send you a copy!

  12. Wow–an island lanai sounds like a wonderful spot to be displaced to!

  13. Hi from Flowery Prose! I’ve nominated you for the One Lovely Blog Award and the Very Inspirational Blogger Award! Your nomination is on my Virtual Bouquets tab.

  14. Thank you for you blog about Edith Wharton during the 150th anniversary of her birth! I am curious if you would be interested in reading the YA biography of Edith by Connie Nordhielm Wooldridge, The Brave Escape of Edith Wharton (Clarion 2010). Upon its release, the New York Times Book Review gave it high praise. If you are interested, please let me know, and I can send you a copy.

    • Thanks for the information on the YA book; I will look for it in my library and bookstore first – save you the postage 🙂

  15. I read and enjoy all of your reviews. You have turned me on to many good reads. I admire your ability to read so many books so promptly.

    • Thanks! I’ve been enjoying the reading, and the writing helps me remember 🙂

  16. Thank you for your excellent blog – it is a pleasure to follow! In recognition of that, I thought to nominate you for a Versatlie Blogger. The award comes with a tedious set of rules that I think you can feel free not to comply with! I just thought to make a gesture of appreciation for your blog…

    • Thanks! Glad you are enjoying the posts.

  17. The picture (is that your lanai?) looks exactly like the hotel we just visited in Sausalito – The Inn Above Tide. I thought I was looking at our balcony!!

    • Sounds like a good place to stay – across the ocean from mine.

  18. Thanks for the comment on my post. It’s so nice to know someone is reading!

  19. Your blog is great! I subscribed. Thanks for your kind comments on my blog today – chesapeake journal. Kathy

    • Thanks – subscribed to yours too – look forward to more updates. Annapolis is my old town, and St. Michael’s day trips were the best.

  20. HI!
    Love the idea of a book blog (say that quickly as many times as you can).

    Just read “Hotel on the corner of Bitter and Sweet” by James Ford. A new take on the Japanese internment camps. Begins with a Chinese boy and a Japanese girl and their story. The undercurrent for elder Chinese Americans who rejected Japanese Americans as the Japanese invaded their country.
    Sweet love story as well.

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