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I thought about reposting the Ogden Nash poem about the boy who laughed at Santa, but I found this wonderful picture book from Tomie dePaola with a better message.  If you’ve read any of this author’s award winning books (Strega Nona`won the Caldecott), you know his simple colorful depictions of the world.  His text reads like a poem, with a good message for this Christmas Eve.


“My, oh my, the grandfather said.

Everything is in such a hurry.

The birds are flying so fast.

And our dog is rushing after the ball, said the girl.

I see a frog jumping high into the pond, said the boy.

And a dragonfly zooming over the water.

Even the trees are waving their leaves.

Busy as busy can be.


Let’s not be so busy.

Why don’t we sit here, you next to me.

The birds are just like us.

Taking a rest, singing their song.

Our dog is tired, I think he’s dreaming.

The frog is sitting and blinking.

The dragonfly has stopped beating its wings.

Let us be quiet, like all of our friends,

Quiet and still.

I can think when I’m quiet.

I can see when I’m still.

To be quiet and still is a special thing.”

For all those who know the beauty of QUIET – and pass it on to others.


And, if you missed it last year, her is Ogden Nash’s poem – The Boy Who Laughed at Santa Claus