A Woman of Conviction

Aung San Suu Kyi was released from house arrest in Myanmar (Burma) this weekend.  Her political story has been news, but I wondered about her personal history –  and about the courage of conviction that kept her from leaving the country  – even to be with her dying husband.

Aris (her husband) died on his 53rd birthday on 27 March 1999. Since 1989, when his wife was first placed under house arrest, he had seen her only five times, the last of which was for Christmas in 1995. She also remains separated from her children, who live in the United Kingdom.  (Her children were 11 and 15 when she left England in 1988 to care for her ailing mother in Burma – never to return).


Her personal and political story are intertwined …


Born in 1945, she is the contemporary of Diane Sawyer, Goldie Hawn, Pat Conroy (South of Broad)…how different the life…