J.D. Salinger Slept Here

Curtis Hall, Ursinus College, 3rd floor

I have a cousin who went to Ursinus College, and stayed longer than Salinger. Her major was the MRS, which she successfully completed before her senior year.  No room is dedicated to her research.

In Michael Winerap’s New York Times article, J.D. Salinger Slept Here (Just Don’t Tell Anyone), Ursinus College has finally succeeded in putting Salinger’s old room to good use.

Salinger left Ursinus after one very productive semester, writing for the school newspaper, and spent the rest of his life avoiding academics. If anything, he proved that great writers cannot be taught (maybe with the exception of the Iowa Writers’ Workshop). Waiting until after his death, so he wouldn’t sue, Ursinus College has finally established the non Salinger scholarship for prospective writers.

When Virginia Woolf wrote A Room of One’s Own maybe she was laying the foundation for free room and board, but then,  she never went to college.

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