Books That Put Me to Sleep

When I commuted for hours, and could get a seat on the train, I would count on opening my book and being asleep after a few pages – no matter how intense the plot.  I was sleep-deprived in those days, but some books lend themselves to snoozing mid-sentence.  Obvious culprits: Moby Dick, Crime and Punishment, anything by Thomas Hardy…  I could never finish those famous Civil War epics – Cold Mountain or Killer Angels.  One Day by David Nicholls was overdue at the library for lack of interest, but a movie with Anne Hathaway sounds promising.

I recently joined an online book club.  The titles are never on the current bestseller list, but probably have been at one point, and I’ve found some good books:

But a few of their selections put me to sleep.  When I found a old receipt on page 58 of Talking to Girls About Duran Duran, after many nights of trying to read it, I decided that if someone who buys “handcrafted wood and genuine turquoise stone” would hang it up there, so could I.  
Maybe there’ll be a movie.