Here Today Gone to Maui

Life’s a bowl of fries” is my favorite dish at Beverly Gannon’s Hali’maile General Store in Maui – a huge bowl of crispy steak fries  – hard to finish even if you have help. The seasoning is a secret, but I would swear it’s old bay (Maryland crab aficionado that I am).

The restaurant, inside a former general store on a pineapple plantation is located upcountry – outside the busy touristy sites, I thought.   Seems it’s been discovered – good for them, not so good for those of us who like to keep those special places secret.  It was crowded for mid-week.

I skipped the “Infamous” ribs and went for the  “Fresh Catch” Sandwich – mahi mahi -sweet, flaky, white, with a side of  slaw that had a tangy bite of wasabi.  The signature dessert is Hali’imaile Pineapple Upside-Down Cake, but the chocolate macadamia nut pie gets my vote.

Beverly Gannon has a cookbook that I checked out of the library when it was first published in 2000.  I looked at the pictures of food and flowers; the recipe for the chocolate macadamia nut pie is in there – but some others served at the restaurant are well-kept secrets.

OK by me, I’d rather have her cook for me anyway.