Launch Date

At 4 a.m. Eastern time in the United States, a wedding is scheduled to be launched in London.

At 4 p.m. Eastern time in the United States, a spaceship is scheduled to be launched in Florida.

The wedding schedule was perfect; the spaceship is delayed.

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Packing for Mars

Ever think about what the astronauts eat and drink – besides Tang and that space ice cream sold at the Air and Space museum gift shop?  Mary Roach covers incoming and outgoing nutrients, along with a number of other harrowing experiences in Packing for Mars: The Curious Science of Life in the Void.

With a mix of scientific research, NASA experiments, and practical humor, Roach reveals behind-the-scenes preparations and in-flight stories that read like a Dave Barry adventure.  If you are a fan of bathroom humor, be sure to read Chapter 14 – “The Continuing Saga of Zero-Gravity Elimination.”

Each of the 16 chapters teases with a title and clever subtitle, e.g., “Houston, We Have a Fungus:  Space Hygiene and the Men Who Stopped Bathing for Science;” you can pick and choose how to read the book.

Roach concludes…

“ yes, the money could be better spent on Earth.  But would it?…It is always squandered.  Let’s squander some on Mars.  Let’s go out and play.”

The trip is scheduled for the 2030s…

The Answer Is In the Stars

NASA engineers have been telling us for years that space travel research has applications here on earth.  Easy to recognize Tang – that doubtful substitute for orange juice, but now the rescue of the Chilean miners has redeemed all those flights into the unknown.

Not only the space travel capsule which went down instead of up, but also NASA’s help with a “rescue diet,”  an exercise regimen, and best of all – giving the miners night and day – a way to control circadian rhythms that we all know can wreak havoc (jet lag?)

Congratulations to NASA – great PR – and most of the miners came out ready to play soccer.

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